Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There's a reason for these things.

There's usually a reason, or at least an excuse, for the draconian laws passed by our various governments. In many cases, the medicine is worse than the cure.

For example,divorce laws favor women. The men are raped with regards to finances and child custody. In most cases, society would be better off if no fault divorce had never come about. But then, once in a while, we come upon a specimen that would probably serve as exhibit A in favor of these laws.

Keeping the example of divorce, we have my brother in law. Soon to be ex brother in law, if events follow their present course.

This is a male (I guess I should not call him a man) who has not held down a meaningful job in a decade. He has not made more than $10,000 in any year since I don't know when. To compensate for his lack of income, he has spent them into bankruptcy. That was a few years back. He has done it again, but I don't know if bankruptcy is possible so soon after the last one. Some laws have been added to the books that make it more difficult and less beneficial as well. Generally speaking any financial decision has been 180 degrees from common sense. They are upside down on their subprime financed house. They run up a bill at daycare till they get kicked out, rinse lather repeat. Note that on days that he doesn't work he still sends the kids to daycare. Any attempts at financial assistance are immediately squandered to buy more things.

You might ask why my sister in law chooses to stay with such a wonderful provider. Well it is probably due to his outstanding moral character. Except for two affairs in the last few years, (neither girl over 18 years old, barely beat the statutory minimum on one) and numerous other relatively minor infractions he is a paragon of virtue. I'm not going to even start on his parenting skills.

He does have dreams, though. He wants to be a police officer. May God save us all if he ever slips through that background check.

In short he is a narcissistic, predatory, child-man. I should probably be in prison for his murder if I was a better man myself. At least he doesn't take drugs, yet if he did, he couldn't hardly be a worse husband or father.

In her defense she is stupid. That's probably an uncharitable way to put it. She has a learning disability from brain damage at birth. She was and is an easy mark, I guess. She doesn't reason well.

But, she has reached her breaking point, and if she is able to successfully resist his alternately abusive and begging behavior, she will be rid of him. All in all, she will be much better off.

It occurs to me that if her parents had had any say in who she married, none of this would have happened.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

NRA: Weak little sister

This has nothing to do with why I'm no longer an NRA member, but it is another reason I won't rejoin.