Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

So my dog died. I went out this morning to feed the dog, and noticed that she had not touched the table scraps I had given her yesterday. She was dead. She had just had puppies about 10 days ago, which may have been the cause. So now I have 7 orphaned puppies to bottle feed, and when they are full grown, nobody will want them anyway.

And I'm an idiot. Because the reason I know nobody will want them is because a year ago she had a batch. I gave all those puppies away after unsuccessfully trying to sell them. At least I didn't have to shoot them. And I didn't get her spayed because I didn't think she would live many more years. I was right, but if I had she'd probably still be here.

So I make Bob Barker look like a smart guy. I originally did not spay the dog thinking I could sell a batch of pups once in a while. I never sent in her papers anyway, and time passed. I went 7 years with no problems, and then two batches of pups in a year.

I will probably keep one of the pups to replace her. I will bury her out in the yard and plant a tree next to her in the spring.

She was the best dog I've ever had.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011


Marketing is the process of separating a person from their money, in exchange for a good or service that they may or may not need. The less you need it, the better the marketing required to get one to buy it.

As a consumer, one tends to recognize the marketing, and build some resistance to it. And some times, you recognize you've been defeated, and tip your hat.

Hornady has a winner here. I will have to have a couple boxes of this stuff.