Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

So my dog died. I went out this morning to feed the dog, and noticed that she had not touched the table scraps I had given her yesterday. She was dead. She had just had puppies about 10 days ago, which may have been the cause. So now I have 7 orphaned puppies to bottle feed, and when they are full grown, nobody will want them anyway.

And I'm an idiot. Because the reason I know nobody will want them is because a year ago she had a batch. I gave all those puppies away after unsuccessfully trying to sell them. At least I didn't have to shoot them. And I didn't get her spayed because I didn't think she would live many more years. I was right, but if I had she'd probably still be here.

So I make Bob Barker look like a smart guy. I originally did not spay the dog thinking I could sell a batch of pups once in a while. I never sent in her papers anyway, and time passed. I went 7 years with no problems, and then two batches of pups in a year.

I will probably keep one of the pups to replace her. I will bury her out in the yard and plant a tree next to her in the spring.

She was the best dog I've ever had.


Arielle said...

I'm sorry. Nothing quite like having bad things happen and knowing the responsibility sits on your own shoulders. Been there, done that. I hope whichever puppy you keep turns out to be a good dog for you, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry buddy.

What kind of dog was she?

Res Ipsa

Giraffe said...

She was a black lab. I am surprised that 3 of the puppies have have been claimed, so far. Apparently, orphaned puppies triggers something in the female brain, as the women are flocking in. May not be one left for me. Which is fine, as I found out the father was half blue heeler and half Australian Shepard. Not sure you can do much with a half cow dog, half hunting dog. We will see.

Anonymous said...

If you get intelligence from the herder and instinct from the hunter you can have a real good animal. But if you get the other possible combinations, not so much.