Friday, October 14, 2011


Marketing is the process of separating a person from their money, in exchange for a good or service that they may or may not need. The less you need it, the better the marketing required to get one to buy it.

As a consumer, one tends to recognize the marketing, and build some resistance to it. And some times, you recognize you've been defeated, and tip your hat.

Hornady has a winner here. I will have to have a couple boxes of this stuff.


Anonymous said...

That has to be parody. I already have plenty of Hornady ammo set aside for... um... Zombies, but they don't have any special packaging. But if it were real, I think I would want some too.

Giraffe said...

Had to dig your comment out of the spam pit.

It better be real.

There actually is a zombie trend. I have seen reactive zombie targets. I wouldn't waste money on that, but I'll buy a couple boxes of ammo.

Anonymous said...

Looks like green colored Amax. Still it looks cool.

Res Ipsa