Monday, April 30, 2012

Be Fruitfull

Got a new daughter today.  All went well.  That is all.

Friday, April 20, 2012

If I were running.

My platform:

Repeal Obamacare.  Remove restrictions on health insurance being sold across state lines.  Tort Reform.

Deport illegals.  Punish those who violate the law by hiring them.

End the failed war on some drugs.  I was reading a magazine article about informants from one cartel helping DEA by informing on their enemies.  As a result their own cartel now is very strong and knows how the DEA operates.  Any fool can see we are losing this war.

Repeal the various gun control acts.

Cut social programs.  Immediate means testing for Social Security.  Raise the retirement age by 3 months per year till we get to 75.    Roll back the Bush drug benefit.   Yes, everyone paid.  I am paying, and I won't see any benefits.  I don't see why later generations are the only ones that need to get screwed.

Cut unemployment off after 6 weeks.  Or abolish it altogether.  Cut food stamps.  I would make "social justice" the responsibility of the churches again.

Cut the size of govt and the number of govt employed by at least 40%.  Freeze govt wages.  Freeze govt workers. 

Remove some of the alphabet soup agencies.  BATFE, FEMA, DEA, would be gone, there are many others. Edit:  Department of Education....

Reign in or remove Homeland Security. Repeal the patriot act.  Privatize airport security.

Set the corporate income tax to 0%.  Companies do not pay taxes, they merely collect them.   Therefore corporate income tax is just a hidden tax on consumers.  This will free up resources to hire more workers and stimulate industry.

I would actually have an energy policy.  I would end all subsidies to green energy.   I would  stop the foot dragging on drilling permits and pipelines.

Investigate Solyndra, prosecute the Black Panthers,

End farm subsidies.

I would look at ways to cut regulations.

I would end that practice of Congress exempting themselves from laws and make them subject to programs like Obamcare and Social Security like the rest of us.

End the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.   Maybe Germany, Japan, and Korea, as well.

Propose a budget.  Make the hard choices to end the deficit.

Open season on lawyers.

Southern California would be left as a haven for liberal policies until we can fence it off from the rest of the country.  At which point it would be sold to Mexico for $1.

Of course there is more that I have not thought of, and nobody would vote for me anyway.  But the above represents what needs to be done in order to save us from collapse.  We are so going to collapse.

Edit:  Get rid of the Federal Reserve.  Roast Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Paul Krugman on a spit.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real life intrudes.

Blogging will be light. Gotta build a couple roads. It is a good thing our government has lots of money to build roads where we need them and where we don't. I would starve to death otherwise. In case you are curious, one road is important, is 40 years old, and has lot of traffic and needs to be done. The other is only politically important and already is better than most of the county roads in the area. In my opinion it is a pure waste of money to rebuild it. When it is done it will be the envy of towns with 10 times the population.

Yes, I know uncertain my future is given that almost all my income is dependent on the dot gov that is trying to spend itself into oblivion.

I try not to think about it.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Range Report

Yesterday I made my first bullets. I was given a Lee lead furnace and I had bought moulds. I've had them for quite awhile. I don't know what I was waiting for, other than nice weather and a little free time.

I (sort of) followed the manufacturers directions to prepare the mold, but I didn't have alox lube, so I used the lee liquid alox. I plugged in the furnace, and soon had liquid metal. I skimmed the dross off the top with a screwdriver. Need to acquire or improvise a lead dipper.

The first pair of bullets out of the two cavity mold had one perfect, and one not so good. After awhile, I figured out the bottom pour pot, and my mould got heated up properly, and I started getting mostly good bullets without running molten metal all over the place.

A stopped when I had about 50. I lubed them with the tumble lube. I bought lee tumble lube moulds, as I figured that sounded the easiest. No sizing really necessary, unlike other types. I expect I may need to size for my .45 acp, so I bought the sizing die for that.

The tumble lube is supposed to dry overnight. I didn't wait. I loaded five and shot them with a mild load. Then I loaded those five cases and about 30 others with a full power blue dot load.

I went outside and shot most of them. I wish I could tell you how accurate they are, but I am a terrible shot with my .44. I got about a 3" group from a standing position from 30 feet. I don't think that says anything about the loads, rather my poor shooting ability with a handgun.

Next, I suppose I'll have to buy about 50 lbs of lead.