Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What did I miss?

Back from my annual hunting trip. This year, we went rifle hunting in the Badlands and then bowhunting in the black hills. I didn't get a deer in either place. On the rifle hunt, I passed up on a mule deer and a whitetail, each with half their antlers broke off. Generally, you want a nice buck when you have to pack it out in that kind of country. We were there at the end of the season in a high pressure area so we were not seeing a lot of deer. The bowhunt was fun but did not connect this year.

A couple of other people got a deer on the trip, and a lot of pinochle was played. We did have a wild turkey supper, which is the highlight of the trip when we can get it.

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Anonymous said...

A bad week hunting is still better than a good week working.

I was in Spearfish last Friday, wish I knew you were in the area.

Res Ipsa