Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Blogfathers Part 1

I have decided to write a post about the way I came to be a reader of blogs, and who inspired me to start my own. Don't let the fact that I don't blog mess with you too much. I guess I just wasn't that inspired. I am mostly a blog reader not a blog writer.

Vox Popoli

Vox is how I discovered the world of Blogs. I was on Worldnetdaily, because of Ann Coulter, and I read an aricle which linked to his blog, and that is where it started. Vox is arrogant, not suffering fools. He is highly intelligent and even has his own wikipedia entry(now deleted). I visit his blog every day. He is usually destroying liberal's arguments, not just bashing them. His wife Spacebunny can be seen from time to time around the blog neighborhood. She will defend him no matter what. Vox's links led me to Bane.

Bane Rants

Bane is hard to catagorize. He likes it that way. He is a liberal basher, realizing it is a waste of time to argue with the brain dead. He will ban them rather than waste time. He is a linker. But he also writes some pretty good stuff. He has more experience in the world than most people will get. He also doesn't have a job, so he has lots of time to blog. He writes a lot about his family. Bane is probably most responsible for me starting this blog. Too bad I got nothin to say. Anyway don't go to his site if you are easily offended. Bane likes to post pictures of women.

Bane led me to Steve at Hog on Ice. Bane I think really likes Steve's work, and seems to be disappointed that Steve doesn't seem to notice him. But I think Bane's blog is better, even if Steve is a better writer. Steve is a lawyer, a cook, and a home brewer. I bought his cook book. Pretty good ribs, but I don't cook much so I haven't tried the other recipes. I intend to though. He is one hell of a humor writer. He spends a lot of time ridiculing others. Right now, he is makin' fun of Pajama's Media. So I don't read that much, when very other post is on the same thing, I tune out a little. He is also writing a book on the stupidity of Nigerian scam artists. Very creative guy. Check him out if you have never.

Protein Wisdom
I don't read Jeff every day, but most of the time. I am a pretty smart guy, but most of his stuff goes over my head. He spends a lot of time pointing out the hypocrisy of the left. And writing some pretty funny stuff. He makes you wander sometimes if he really is taking some of those red pills found behind the sofa.

Mostly I just read blogs and comment. Sometimes I find something I want to blog about, but I only have Hi speed internet at work. By the time I get home, its gone. I can't blog and work at the same time. Dammit.

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