Monday, July 24, 2006

So while shopping around this weekend I saw the following chambered in .44 mag:

1. Taurus Tracker $400 new
2. Ruger Blackhawk $295 used
3. Ruger Redhawk stainless $600 new

That Blackhawk is tempting because of the price. I am not sure I would be satisfied with it, because of the way it loads. Seems like a PITA to load and unload, and slow too. You would never need more than 6 shots while hunting, and if you did, you already screwed up. In that case you would most likley be tracking, and have time to reload.

I am not sure I want to spend that much money to get the Redhawk, for sure not right now. The Taurus tracker seems a good compromise, but the differences in construction are apparent. The Rugers are definately more solidly built.

Right now I am going to wait. I will be in a bigger town in a few weeks, and will have to do some more shopping where there are more stores, better selection, and more competitive pricing.

Unless I can't help myself and just go buy that Blackhawk.

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