Thursday, November 30, 2006


PSA: Due to the fact that the turkey hunting wasn't very good this year, there will be a slight delay in providing free turkeys to first commenters.

Otherwise, the black hills deer hunting was pretty good. We filled our tags early and spent a couple days coyote hunting, and still came home a couple days early. We were even fussy about our deer, passing up anything that didn't have at least 4 points and a few that did. No, I didn't take a camera with me. It never occured to me. I really feel that I have failed my readers. Both of you.

The hunting has gotten much better sincs they went to a limited draw, but we would rather go back to the unlimited licenses. It is more important to us to get a license every year than to try to shoot a trophy. I had a turkey license (my first for the hills), but I only saw 3 turkeys, and they were flying. We had 3 coyote sightings, which we considered to be too few, due to the fact that we were trying to call them in. We decided that the coyotes must have died off in that part of the hills, as there was scant evidence of their existance. Last September, while elk hunting, we were overrun with them.

This is the traditional vacation in my for my dad and my uncle. I have been going for the last 15 years or so. It is mostly a mens vacation, altough sometimes the women come. My mom has never gone, but my sister has gone a couple of tines What could be better than a week in a tent in the Black Hills in November? Where else can you spend a week on vacation for less than $150 per man?

The practical jokes weren't too good this year. I only sent a few pine cones home with the other hunters. The dead squirrel on the tow hook of the pickup was discovered too soon. My uncle did send a stick of firewood home with a friend. It is not known how long it will take him to find it though. My uncle is the main practical joker, putting firewood into vehicles, duffle bags, sleeping bags etc. And a rock against the side of the outhouse really wakes you up. The best I ever did was throwing a pack of firecrackers into the woodstove in the middle of the night.

I've been trying to catch up on what went on while I was gone. The wife took the opportunity to paint nearly the whole damn house. I actually had to help with most of it before I left. She painted the bathroom a deep red. It now resembles some sort of dungeon, as the new paint absorbs too much light, and you can't see too well with all the lights on. Now I have an excuse for missing! Really, I don't know what was wrong with white paint.

I purchased a trail camera. I set it up at home in the shelterbelt before I left. It took about a 8 pictures. Three of them were deer. Nothing was apparent in the other pictures. One picture was a small 4x4 buck. If anyone cares I'll put it up. If I get a pic of a big one I'll post it.

The hunting seasons are winding down and winter is coming.

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