Tuesday, February 09, 2010

troll baiting, for sport

Farmer Tom put up a post about atheists and the intellectual thrashing thereof.

Wouldn't you know it, soon the resident ankle biter shows up.

I thought I'd preserve it, since Haloscan is leaving us tomorrow.

rusncap: Gravatar Wow. Mickelson's response may be the most retarded thing I've seen in several weeks... and I've heard portions of Palin's speech. I'm glad you like it, FT. For the record, the Iowa pigs, though less hardy than their Haitian counterparts, are still smarter than you and Mickelson. Put together.

Giraffe: Wow. Mickelson's response may be the most retarded thing I've seen in several weeks...

You must be one of those less evolved species.

rusncap: I hate to inform you, Giraffe, but all humans are the same species. You just happen to be one of its less intelligent members. But, as those of us who actually bothered with learnin' things know, every gene pool has a shallow end.

P.S. Just because stupidity is couched in sarcasm doesn't make it any less stupid. Just makes it more desperate.

Giraffe: every gene pool has a shallow end.

You blithering moron. You just made the same argument that you are attempting to make fun of Mickelson for.

rusncap: Erm, no Giraffe. I didn't. It's too bad you don't understand biology. Just because you're in the shallower end of the gene pool (I'm joking, of course, just because you're stupid does not mean you're inbred) does not imply that you're a different species.

Oh, and Mickelson didn't make actual arguments. His only coherent statement was that Christians also donate to charity, which is true.

Giraffe: Yes, you did.

You said I am in the shallow end of the gene pool. He said Haitians are in the shallow end of the gene pool (although he was utilizing a literary device known as sarcasm. Look it up.) There are also so nice quotes from the atheist hero Darwin regarding different races and which end of the gene pool they are in.

Are you sure you are not a chimp?

rusncap: No, retard. He said "sarcastically" that Haitians are a different species. If you don't understand the difference between "shallow end of the gene pool" and "different species", you might want to go back to H.S. biology. Then again that's not such a bad idea.

As for Darwin, what's he got to do with anything?

"There are also so nice quotes" -- English isn't your first language, is it?

Giraffe: "Some" nice quotes. Work with me.

I'll spell it out for you. Hector Avalos selected Pat Robertson to make fun of. He did this because Pat isn't representative of mainstream Christians (although Hector can pretend he is) and said some things that are easy to make fun of. That way you can smear all Christians using an extreme example.

In response, Mickelson selected atheist hero Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory, and made fun of some of the wild and crazy things that he said. The funny thing is, these are some of the actual implications of the theory you are expousing here.

You come along, and try to make fun of me, unwittingly using the same argument that Mickelson used sarcastically.

Giraffe:......using the same argument that Mickelson used sarcastically.

You know. The one you said was "retarded"

At this point, I had to leave. Suppose he'll follow me back here?

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