Friday, May 25, 2012

It does a body good.

Res posted on government bureaucrats raiding farms over raw milk.  

Rand Paul introduced an amendment to disarm the FDA.  Why they are armed in the first place I can't guess.  Of course we can't be trusted to know what is best for us, so the amendment was defeated.  I wish every news story on the actions of Congress had a link that would give a roll call on how each Senator voted on the issue.

After a few minutes searching I found one.  Since only 15 Senators voted for the amendment, chances are yours aren't on there.  One from my state is. 

I don't think I will waste time trying to chastise the other for not voting for this common sense amendment.  We will be seeing aerial acrobatics from swine before he ever gets my vote.  He's a liberal, and I think he's on the way out anyway.

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Res Ipsa said...

Great post.

WHy do we need cow cops?