Saturday, February 02, 2013

Now that's credibility

The official photo apparently depicts Obama – wearing protective glasses and earmuffs -- firing the rifle Aug. 4, 2012. It was released Friday on the White House’s Flickr account.

 I guess thats it.  We can all breathe easier.  Obama is on our side.  He must be pretty good to shoot clay pigeons with a rifle, especially a big bore like that one appears to be.  Takes a serious gun nut to take that kind of punishing recoil to develop his skills.

I think it is great that he is such a great second amendment supporter.

Update:  Some were suggesting it is fake.  I don't think so.  The only reason to fake it would be if he was afraid to actually shoot it.  It looks like a over/under shotgun with ported barrels.  It is what any classy liberal would use to try to impress the bitter clingers.  John Kerry would go hunting geese with it.  [Hillary would use a rifle for waterfowl].

If the president enjoys shooting the shotgun, he ought to run a few thirty rounders through an AR.  It's a blast.

Update Part Two:  Well they did ask for it.


Res Ipsa said...

What happened to your pic?

Giraffe said...

wierd. I posted the pick by linking to it. If I click the link, it shows up in my post.

Obama was trying to soothe gun owners by releasing this pic. I'm sure that failed, and he's also catching flak from his own people now.

MadPiper said...

I'm impressed that he doesn't need to tuck it into his shoulder. Does the smoke off to side indicate a ported barrel? And isn't that a over and under shotgun?

Anonymous said...

I found it funny that the White house has all sorts of disclaimers and limitations on that picture saying "it may not be used for political purposes". HAHAHAHAHA. RIIIGHT. As if such a disclaimer has any authority. It is already one of teh most photoshopped pics of the month.


Vidad said...

It's totally real, like everything else the government says/does/claims/is.

I love Big Brotha'