Thursday, June 22, 2006


I don't have many friends now, being somewhat of a loner. I said loner not loser!.................

OK, OK, loser. Have it your way.

Anyways, back in my college days, one of my friends used to get pissed when I was critical of movies. I thought movies were stupid, when they were not believable. I am not a big fan of most action movies, where the good guys come out at the end without a scratch on them. You know, the Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris type. I must not be alone, because there are websites that make fun of them. I want the movie to make me believe that what I am watching could actually happen. in other words the movie does a good job of suspending my disbelief. So, the scene the first Die Hard when he is falling down an elevator shaft and catches himself by his fingertips, well, that sort of ruins things for me. That is still one of my favorite movies, because the hero goes through hell, and the movie does a pretty good job of pulling you into it. There are not as many moments where you say, "right, like that is gonna happen."

Now, this is not to say I wouldn't like to watch a movie like Star Wars because it obviously can never happen. Fantasy is a separate class. I just don't like movies that defy the laws of physics or common sense.

Another movie I loved, right up till the end, was True Lies. I actually was ticked off that they ruined a perfectly good movie. The turning point from good movie to bad was when she drops an Uzi and it falls bouncing down the stairs, firing and killing bad guys all the way down. From there, the movie devolves into crap where people run around on the wing of a harrier jet in flight, and take a ride on an air to air missile.

Since I got married, I don't watch as many movies, and my wife rents most of them now. And the type of movie my wife picks is a whole 'nuther type of movie agony.

Does anyone have suggestions on movies to see?

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