Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tough Girls

Another thing about movies, is the Hollywood cliche. I call commen elements that occur in many movies a Hollywood cliche. An example of this would be any time a car falls a vertical distance of greater than 5 feet, it has to explode. Or any time you really need a car to start, it won't.

Today's cliche for discussion is the Kick Butt Woman. This all started in the comments at Vox's.


Uma Thurman, Kill Bill
Renee Russo, Lethal Weapon 3 (I think 3)
Jenifer Lopez, Enough.
GI Jane.

Well the pattern that emerges is any action movie that has a woman in it. The funny part of it is, I think some women actually believe this crap.

As an example, there was a chick at my college that actually wanted to play on the football team. She was serious. I suppose it didn't come from movies, rather just the regular feminist crap that there isn't any difference between men and women. She even talked to the coach. I think he told her she could try out, just to humor her. He probably wanted to get in her pants. She never did try out. I think she came to her senses, or maybe playing on a intermural flag football team made her realize she wasn't even a good female athlete, let alone ready to try out for a collegiate mens football team.

She wasn't alone in this attitude. There was another girl, that tried to tell us that anyone could make the team if they tried hard enough. More PC bullcrap. I know, it is partly true, some people do make it based on hard work rather than talent or ability. But there are some people who are just not athletic, and it is obvious that no amount of practice or training will put them at a superior level. And that doesn't make them less valuable as people, they just aren't going to the NFL.

I suppose someone could comment about they know girls who made the local high school team. (well if I had readers that is.) I say, "yeah, right. Is she a kicker?" There was a girl that played football at my school. It was long before my time. I heard she had a concusion just about all the time, and she wasn't there long. Amazingly, she played center. I imagine that would make things very interesting for a high school aged quarterback.

Women who feel they are the physical equal of men are mistaken. There is a reason that men's track and field records are better than women's. There is a reason that male gymnasts don't compete in the same types of evens as the women. Ever see a woman on the rings? There is a reason there is an LPGA and a WNBA. And that reason is, women can't compete with men. There are thousands of men who can't make the PGA that would fill the LPGA if they were allowed. (off topic, I can't believe the WNBA has survived this long. Women are less interested in sports, and as a man, I find the WNBA very boring. Nobody is watching. *)

And for any women who thinks otherwise, the first full speed football practice in pads would convince most of the error in their thinking.

I hope I haven't offended any women with this post. After all, their are many ways in which women are superior to men. All in all, men and women are of equal worth, we just aren't the same.


Roci said...

I also find the women of the WNBA to be really hard on the eyes.

guys will tune in to watch four hot chicks play beach vollyball, not so with two teams of oversized sweaty bigfoot women in baggy suits.

Pablo said...

Excellent post, and right on the money.

Women's beach volleyball: deadly!