Monday, October 30, 2006

Not looking good

From the Sioux Falls Argus liar:

A new poll finds most South Dakotans would vote against the state's
ban on almost all abortions. But, as a previous poll found, the ban would have
broader support if it allowed women to receive abortions for cases of rape
and incest.

The determining factor in my opinion is turnout. For us pro-lifers, we have been waiting for years to get the chance to vote on this. For some, abortion is the One Issue, it totally defines how they vote. The congressional race is a blowout, the governors race is a blowout, nobody cares too much about the other issues. Most of the other stuff is already decided. But the prolifers care very deeply about this, and will not be deterred from the polls. Even if we lose.

Pray for a blizzard on November 7.

I am doubtful, but I am going to vote no matter what.

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