Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The spotlight is on us

On November 7th, a very important issue will come before the people of my state.

Of course, I'm talking about Referred Law 6.

It is an issue that is getting the attention of the whole nation, with money coming in from the whole country on both sides.

I will be voting for it, but I'm not sure it will pass. I see a lot of signs in front yards supporting the ban. I have not seen a single sign against it (other than billboards). I think opponents are afraid to put up a sign. It says a lot about your position when you are ashamed to admit it. Apparently some of the pro life signs have been hit by vandals. I suspect if there were any pro ban signs they would get the same treatment, probably worse.

If the ban on abortion fails, it will be because it does not allow exceptions for rape and incest.
If you really think that there should be such exceptions, come back after reading this. I am not sure how it will shake out, the only polls show support for the ban is behind, but catching up.

Even if the ban is upheld, it is almost certain that we will relect Stephanie Herseth, a strong supporter of abortion. That confuses me; we're a State that is strongly pro life. Another thing that really makes me angry, is that the National Rifle Association has endorsed her. She is a Democrat and supposedly has said that she would support Nancy Pelosi for majority leader if the Democrats retake the house. Her very presence in the House adds to the possibility of the Democrats taking control. And the Republican candidate recieves the same A rating on gun control issues. Nice call NRA. Why endorse a candidate at all when both candidates support gun rights? And if you do, why support the one that gives more power the the gun grabbers in her party? I will not be renewing my membership. I will probably have to write them a letter explaining why.

I expect voter turnout will be high for the pro life side. I am sure the churches will have the congregations motivated. This will be the first time in 30 years that anyone in the US will have a chance to vote on abortion instead of having the court dictate to them. For the pro-life crowd, this is the Big Chance.

I am not sure what motivates the other side. The House race will probably be a blowout, so there is no desparation to make sure Herseth is re-elected.

If the ban is passed, I am afraid it will only be the beginning of the fight.

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