Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Now look what you made me do.


I wasn't going to do a post on Game. It seems you can't avoid stepping in it these days. I'm hearing the lamentations of the women and the cheering of the men.

Is there a socio-sexual hierarchy? It sure seems like there is. I don't reside at the top of it. It's easier to see from below. It seems pretty straight forward that women want to land as high a value man as they can, and men want to land as high a value woman as they can. Women are generally ranked on looks and personality.

Men are generally ranked by were they fit in the social strata. Women want the CEO, not the janitor. It is complicated, by the fact that women don't only look at status. They also look at wealth, and looks. Or at least all of these figure into a man's status in a woman's eyes. This is called hypergamy.

You might notice that none of the criteria are righteous in a Christian sense. It is not supposed to be this way.

Enter Game. Game is a man learning to fake a higher status to trick a woman into having a higher opinion of him. Usually the object of this is sex. It is blatant false advertising, on par with women wearing makeup to appear more beautiful than they really are.

So, naturally women are pissed.

In college, the bigger jerk a guy was, the more women he got. I never understood why, but the effect was real. Looking back, I am glad I was the nice guy. Less to feel guilty about now, and no diseases. Anyway, the reason a jerk gets women that is he is fooling her. The nice guy puts her on a pedestal and is shy. She doesn't need to respond to him. She can get him anytime she wants. He is signaling to her with his lack of confidence that she is a step up in the ranks for him. Therefore, he is a step down for her.

The jerk is sending the opposite signals. By acting like she doesn't matter, or just acting confident, he is telling her that he can get her, or a woman like her, any time he wants to. She believes that he is a higher status male, so now she thinks he's a catch. She may do foolish things trying to land him that she will regret later.

So nice guys finish last. You want the girl? Be an asshole.

So women. If you are angry about this, you can put a stop to it. Recognize what is going on, and stop responding to it. This is only going to work for a while anyway, till the whole social marketplace evolves and women start going for boys that cut themselves.

The good news for a Christian woman, is that if she has her eye on the ball, Game is irrelevant. Because she should be looking for a Godly man, and she should not be susceptible to Game. At least you can tell yourself you are game proof.

Look around the church, and see if you recognize a pattern. Are the most beautiful women evenly distributed among the nice guys and alpha males, or is there a pattern in the way people pair up? You don't often see the geek with the goddess. I think the pattern holds, though to a much lesser extent. I'll bet it varies a lot between churches.

As for game within marriage?

I am not sure game is completely useless. Sure it is wrong to be manipulative.

Yet, there are some things that are just good to know, and women don't come with an owners manual. Women don't always know what they want. Women don't always mean what they say, or say what they mean. She wants to feel like her husband can protect her, and may throw a tantrum just to see what he can handle. This is strange business for a man. Generally he thinks in straight lines and says what he means.

If there is anything positive in this, a man has more understanding as to why she is doing certain things, because she may not know herself, and she might not tell him if she did.

Enough with the game already.

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