Friday, April 01, 2011

Searching for Syracuse.

The following I left as a comment out there on the webs:

Bee hives are dangerous, so why don’t we stop kicking them.

First, there is no shortage of tin horn tyrants that haven’t attacked us, even if you exclude our own. We like to pretend to be the world’s cop, but we are broke, we don't have the will, and everyone hates the police. We don’t have the ability to referee every ball game in the world. If we don’t need to attack Kim Jung the Ill (and we must not need to, since we haven’t), we don’t need to be in Lybiastan. If we can’t figure out Iraqistan in ten years, throw in the towel.

Second, I don’t think trying to bring freedom by force of arms to a muslim nation is very well thought out. They are culturally incapable of it. If they are capable of it, let them die to bring it about.

The key point, besides the pointless killing, is that we are broke. Sooner or later, Uncle Sam’s checks are going to start bouncing, and we surely won’t be safer then, no matter how many despots we depose now. These wars may not be the chief cause of our brokeness, but they don’t help.

I don't know how best to prosecute this war on terror, but I don't think we are doing it right. I'll bet the Professor will rip me a new one.

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