Thursday, February 02, 2006

Odds, Ends

Any minute the wife is going to call when she gets off work. We are going for supper.
My experiences in the blogosphere so far have mostly been as a consumer and not as a producer. I wander around and read and comment. Apparently some of the commenting led people back here. And they commented here. Gonna hafta figure out the tip jar thing. Just kidding.

It was heartening to see that a couple people visited. Bane sometimes links to others and says something to the effect that he "despairs of ever being a writer" after reading someone's post. I got a lot of that going too. I really don't get the admiration for Hog on Ice though. Dude, if you ever grace my blog with your presence and read this, really, who cares about his damn TV cabinet. That is probably unfair because he used to write good stuff. He as much as admitted that he was only blogging to get his book published, and now that he accomplished that he doesn't care anymore.

Heidi wrote once about not wanting to reveal too much. I don't have to worry much about it cuz I don't really blog much. But if were to, it would concern me. I don't care what people I don't know think of me. But there is just something about putting it all out there, I would be embarrassed if someone I knew read it. Don't know why, but there it is.

The biggest obstacle is I blog from work. Dialup at home. I can't blog when I should be working, so I have to do it after work. Hard to find the time and privacy. I really need to cut down on the time wasting during working hours.

Phone ringing, bye for now.

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Mick said...

I blame Bane via The Agitator for starting a Blog. Radley apparently didn't dig on Bane's comments. The more you practice the better "producer" you become. Bane was the first to give me a comment and said to keep writing. It's a challenge for me. Some Bloggers seem to make it look effortless. Be careful about your work, hope you blog more often I will visit to see how much you reveal, it's a challenge.