Thursday, February 02, 2006

sweet land of LIBERTY

LaShawn Barber was asking what makes this country great. So I have to throw in my two cents.

1. Ambition. Our forefathers landed on this continent and saw opportunity. Sure they killed most of the Indians, that might have been a little bit wrong. They moved west knowing that with hard work they would be able to own their own land, get a little slice, the American Dream and all that. Of course there were many failures, but it is the trying, the sacrifice, the work ethic that more often led to success. And it still is a great route to sucess. I suppose it is ironic that greed, which is ambition gone to far, is partly responsible for what makes America not so great. Liberals try to destroy ambition by giving people money for nothing, (welfare, entitlement programs) and denying them the fruits of their labors (high taxes). Is our work ethic as good as it once was?

2. Christian values and morality. It is our values, derived from Christian teaching, that hold our society together. Helping others, giving to the needy, selflessness. Love. My dad used to shovel snow for our neighbors just because. I don't think many people do that kind of thing anymore. Bill O'Reilly is a tool and an idiot but he is right when he rants about secularism. Secularism pollutes ambition and our values. Ambition is no longer about getting enough to raise a family. Now we put family aside so we can get enough. Ambition is now about keeping up with the Jones'. I think God blessed this country. I don't think He will continue to do so if we as a nation worship material things. Liberals go out of their way to ridicule traditional values. They are in all out attack mode on Christianity.

3. I believe that the most important thing that makes this country great is freedom. Freedom to say what you want. Freedom to make your own choices. It is very telling that the ideal of liberals is socialism, and socialist countries are the least free. The liberals want to infringe on freedom by taking away guns. Private ownership of firearms makes this country great. The second amendment guarantees the rest of the Bill of Rights. So join the NRA dammit. John McCain sided with Feingold to create the abomination that bears their name, and Bush signed it into law. Freedom slowly chipped away. Or taken in big chunks.

So to sum up: ambition, Christian values, freedom, and the NRA are good.
Liberals are everything that is wrong with this country.


judypatooote said...

I have to agree with you.....very nice post......

Steve B said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Sadly as these are stripped away either through the ACLU or liberalistic nanny-states we will no longer be the nation we once were. Look and see how the EU nations are fairing by these aspects were removed.

Programs said...

I honestly tell you Achtsr

So to summarize: ambition, and Christian values​​, freedom, and the power of natural resources and good.
Liberals are all that is wrong in this country.

Thank you :)