Thursday, February 16, 2006


So Nate was talking about deer cartridges a while back. This is a subject that I love. I am a gun nut, and a hunting nut. I read endlessly about guns. Not so much about hunting. Hunting you just have to do. I get pretty bored with most of the hunting magazines that are out there. They seem to be aimed at the novices. I just got a subscription to Rifleshooter, so far I like that one. I like articles that have a little depth to them, not just gun p-rn. I also handload my own ammo, both for rifle and shotgun. I haven't shot factory ammo at big game for about 5 years. I still have to buy some shotgun shells because I can't keep up with the volume I need for waterfowl hunting. Plus, you don't recover all your empties, and some of them aren't any good. These loads are very powerfull, up to 3.5 inch 12 gauge.

I hate to go into too much detail on this. Probably bore the heck out of most people.

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