Thursday, January 04, 2007

My new years resolutions

Or, things I would do if I had any will power.

1. Become a more valuable employee. Be more productive.

2. Lose 30 lbs. Get in shape. The wife might help on this one. She has a class reunion. She wants everyone to be jealous.

3. Be more frugal. Make a written budget every month and follow it. Save up 6 months worth of living expenses for an emergency fund. Finish paying off our debts.

4. Tithe. Can I pull this one off? ***

5. Be a better husband. My wife deserves it.

6. Clean the garage. Maybe even so you could actually park a car in there.

7. Pillar bed a one of my rifles. Mount a new barrel on my .30-06.

8. Get my house fixed up. (this summer). I'd like to do this without going back into debt, but I don't see how I can. I'll likely have to hire it done. I'm not a gifted handyman.

9. Stop drinking soft drinks. This will help with #2 and #3.

10. Read my Bible more.

*** A question: Does tithing mean only giving to the church, or would giving to a needy family count?

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