Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I remember back in the 80's. The price was around 65 cents. Can you believe it? The price has gradually increased with time. Today, the price is a whopping $1.49!


Where can you get gas that cheap?

You thought I was talking about gas? Oh yeah, I said fuel. I meant that other precious liquid, Pepsi. Today, the price has increased to $1.49 for a 20 0z. Bottle. This is over $9.50 per gallon! How much do you suppose the ingredients for a bottle of pop cost, a nickel? I figure that at $75 per barrel, the raw ingredients for a gallon of gas cost $1.90. This doesn't include refining, or transporting the gasoline.

A gallon of gas supplies enough energy to move my 5000 pound vehicle 17 miles. A gallon of soft drink will just make me fat. Just a little perspective on the comparative value of gasoline.

I am not cheering gas prices higher, or saying oil companies aren't making huge profits. I just wonder at the selective outrage. If anyone is gouging, it is Pepsico and Coca Cola.


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Roci said...

you did not even mention the cost of bottled water. Many time the cost of gasoline for the most abundant and renewable resource on the planet. $7 per gallon for a product that is so plentiful that it literally falls out of the sky onto us.

Pablo said...

Excellent point, I hadn't thought of that!

Giraffe said...

Good point on the bottled water. I didn't think of it because I never buy it.

Of course, people usually spend far more on gas than on soda pop.