Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How not to get fleas

A quick note about the Duke Lacrosse team. Vox is making it apparent that he believes no rape occurred and she is making the whole thing up. Other people are proclaiming that the players are a bunch of spoiled rich kids. As if that has any bearing on whether or not they are guilty of rape. I saw a father of a couple of the players on TV this morning claiming that his two sons are anything but privileged.

There is one thing that they are guilty of: Poor judgment I suppose a lot of kids that age don't think clearly. I know I didn't. If you go to that kind of party, those are the kind of things that can happen to you. Being falsely accused of rape is one of the milder consequences. Real rapes happen. Drunk driving happens. Kids die from overdoses and alcohol poisoning.

Joe Carter posted a few days back about the hippies that had to re-learn the rules of hygiene. As our country continues to move away from God, people will find out the hard way that morality is not designed to keep us from having any fun. Rather, it is designed to keep us from experiencing the consequences of immoral behavior.

So anyway, I'm not saying don't have any fun. But if someone tells you lets about a great party, "they even hired a stripper!", maybe that's one you should decide to avoid.

Stay away from the dogs, you won't get fleas.

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DAG said...

There is a simple way to end the racial hysteria surrounding the Duke Lacrosse team. Simply tell people it was El Duke,
not Duke players that were accused the rape of a white woman, and the same civil rights leaders who are lynching the Duke Players would lynch the racist DA.....

I can see it now, "racist DA perpetuates black rape myth." And of course the nails were planted by a racist cop, "If the nails don't clip you must acquit."