Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am morose

Well, being the go getter that I am, I just completed our taxes. No refund. I am paying in again this year. About 500 bucks. Somehow, the withholding gets screwed up. Or we just make too much money. Ha!

I put all the information into H&R Blocks website, and when I got done the charge was 30 bucks. The reason I did this is because I used them last year. What a joke. I really didn't feel like punching all that crap in again, even though I could have done it for free somewhere else. So I paid it. I am making a note not to use them again next year.

It is somewhat depressing. Everyone I know got a refund and blew it long ago. Well, at least I know our government is putting it to good use.

Somebody cheer me up.

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